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Below is a brief summary of the tenancy details and the rules involved when renting a property from Craigmar Properties.

The tenancy agreement will state the date of commencement of the lease. If the agreement is not brought to an end by either part on the end date agreed on the date of signing the tenancy agreement, the tenancy will continue thereafter on a month to month basis. Either party is required to give no less than 28 days written notice of their intention to terminate. The rent agreed by the tenant and landlord is payable monthly in advance. If after six months of continuous occupancy and the agreement has not been terminated by either party, the Landlord may propose a rent increase. Under such circumstances, the tenant will be given a minimum of 1 months’ notice in writing.

The properties are unfurnished unless the tenant and landlord come to a particular agreement for the landlord to supply furniture. Therefore the tenant agrees to replace or repair (or to pay the cost, at the option of the landlord) any of the fittings/contents which are destroyed, damaged, removed or lost during the tenancy, fair wear and tear expected. These costs involved may be deducted by the Landlord from the deposit.

The tenant is solely responsible for the payment of any local authority taxes, charges or costs, including Council tax and the tenant undertakes to ensure that the accounts for the supply to the accommodation of gas, electricity and telephone are entered in his name with the relevant supplier. The tenant agrees not to change supplier without the prior written permission of the landlord. The tenant is required to take reasonable care of the accommodation and in particular agrees to take all reasonable steps to: not smoke in the property at any time, and by any person visiting or working in the property and prevent water pipes freezing in cold weather. The tenant is required to obtain prior written consent from the landlord if they would like to many any alterations to the accommodation, its fixtures or fittings or make any internal or external decoration. The tenant also agrees to dispose of all rubbish in an appropriate manner and at the appropriate time, rubbish must not be placed anywhere in the common stair at any time.

Craigmar properties are flexible with pets, the tenant agrees to obtain prior consent from the landlord for the number and type of pets owned.

We hope that all of our tenants enjoy their stay with Craigmar Properties, therefore as landlords we aim to allow tenants to make our house their home.


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